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Welcome to the Incredibles Slash Community, a little place for all slash/femmeslash-lovers to share their opinions, fanfiction, fanart, icons or anything else related to slash couples of the movie “The Incredibles”.

Keep in mind before posting:
1. Put all posts with adult oriented material (or that you might find, somehow, not "work safe"), long texts and images behind a LJ-cut.
2. When posting fanfiction or fanart, make sure to specify the rating.
3. When reviewing fanfiction/fanart, be constructive. Flames are unacceptable.
4. Do not promote a community unless it is "The Incredibles" related.
5. Try and be friendly to everyone.

All I’m asking for here is a little common sense, which I’m sure isn’t much. :)

Questions? Suggestions? Complaints? Contact the mod: octa